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When to walk away ...

In business... when confusion is the foundation and chaos leads the conversation ... I'm out. You should be out too.  Whether it be the possibility of working with a high profile client that has accolades for days or a seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity for a new entertainment project ... the clues that lead to my decision to move forward with my yes or to step around it with my no are simple...  If I have peace about it ... I move forward. If there's something in my gut that's saying something is just not right ... I side step, walk around it and keep moving forward avoiding what my gut is trying to protect me from.  Our gut intuition keeps us on the right path. We should trust it. If something doesn't feel right ... it's not right. Chaos will rob you of precious time and energy... You can't afford to waste time or energy. Protect your peace at all costs.  Pay close attention to the red flags that present themselves early on ... listen closely and you wil