Song Start: Dark Theme; Americana Feel

Although a lot of them do. A lot of kids have parents who are distracted. 

A lot of kids have parents that are emotionally immature and can't teach them right from wrong. The parents don't even know what's right from wrong. 

Parents are selfish. 

These kids ain't gonna raise themselves

but most of 'em do

cause daddy is buzzed and mama she's high on the pain she went through

Four generations of pain no one's got the strength

to put on their boots and draw the line be the 

Tradition of abuse 

when you like what you like \

it'll catch up to you

the liquor and pain killers they always do

they catch up to you

They always do they always do


The lies , the drugs, the women, the choices, the truth, the hate

The whiskey, the cocaine use, the truth and the prostitutes

they always do 

catch up to you

the gravity and the 

 and the never ending truth 


They always do 

they catch up to you


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