When to walk away ...

In business... when confusion is the foundation and chaos leads the conversation ... I'm out. You should be out too.  Whether it be the possibility of working with a high profile client that has accolades for days or a seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity for a new entertainment project ... the clues that lead to my decision to move forward with my yes or to step around it with my no are simple...  If I have peace about it ... I move forward. If there's something in my gut that's saying something is just not right ... I side step, walk around it and keep moving forward avoiding what my gut is trying to protect me from.  Our gut intuition keeps us on the right path. We should trust it. If something doesn't feel right ... it's not right. Chaos will rob you of precious time and energy... You can't afford to waste time or energy. Protect your peace at all costs.  Pay close attention to the red flags that present themselves early on ... listen closely and you wil

Song Start: Dark Theme; Americana Feel

Although a lot of them do. A lot of kids have parents who are distracted.  A lot of kids have parents that are emotionally immature and can't teach them right from wrong. The parents don't even know what's right from wrong.  Parents are selfish.  These kids ain't gonna raise themselves but most of 'em do cause daddy is buzzed and mama she's high on the pain she went through Four generations of pain no one's got the strength to put on their boots and draw the line be the  Tradition of abuse  when you like what you like \ it'll catch up to you the liquor and pain killers they always do they catch up to you They always do they always do The  The lies , the drugs, the women, the choices, the truth, the hate The whiskey, the cocaine use, the truth and the prostitutes they always do  catch up to you the gravity and the   and the never ending truth  the  They always do  they catch up to you  

Care to share your wisdom? I'd love to hear what you know.

Good Afternoon my friends! I need your wisdom…if you'd like to share it. But first ... I need you to know something. I need you to know how much I appreciate all your help over the years. I couldn't have done this entrepreneur, country music songwriter, musician and single mama life without you ... I just couldn't have. You saved my life. Each and everyone of you. Strangers came to my rescue on social media when I was alone and lost and for that I am eternally grateful. Your kind words and encouragement kept me alive. Your words gave me hope.  When you purchased my designs, t-shirts and coffee cups from my online store…you gave me a job that I could do from home which was so important because I was a single mom for so long. I had to be there for my kids. I was so scared everyday that I couldn’t pay my rent but you tipped well when I sang online … you believed in me with your words and your actions. You sent me music equipment that you thought would help me on my journey. Yo